The Places in Between

Welcome to this website, where you’ll find some of my essays, articles and other writing.

Over on the About page you’ll find some standard information about my publications and other writer business. This piece is a chattier version of that.

I grew up in Australia in a small town a couple of hours from the nearest city. My family and I lived in an old sandstone house across the road from a railway line. Beyond that were hills and bush land where I played a lot with my siblings and friends. When I finished school I moved to the city. All up, 30 odd years later, I’ve lived in seven places. For now, it’s Melbourne.

At a job interview a few years ago, Natalie, the woman who interviewed me, wasn’t so interested in the jobs I’d done as the transitions between them. Why did I make the move from midwife to palliative care nurse? From palliative care nurse to policy analyst? From policy analyst to facilitator? From there to setting up my own business? A constant pleasure through my work has been writing. Unusually for a nurse, I liked writing the patient reports at the end of each shift. In the early policy jobs I had, I was writing a lot of government reports and one day realised that how I now wrote was pretty bureaucratic and not very clear. Long sentences, muddy language, convoluted explanations. I took myself off to a new city to get a writing qualification and break some old habits. Since then, bit by bit, I’ve been working on different writing projects.

I hope you enjoy what you find here.