Learning the Local Language

A few years ago it struck me that I knew nothing about the First Peoples of the small town where I grew up. From my Melbourne home, I started going back to South Australia regularly to find out what I could. Griffith Review published this essay about what I’ve learned so far.

Field Notes on Death

Ongoing-(by-Jeremy-Bakker)Death is mysterious. It’s also intrinsic to who we are. I worked for seven years as a palliative care nurse and am curious about how close we can get to truly contemplating death, and whether it’s helpful to even try. This piece was published in Griffith Review.

More than Two Stories

winter valleyWith its distinctive shape and its terrain of mountains, rivers and rainforests, the small island of Tasmania holds great beauty. It’s also a place of bewildering conflicts. For many years, it was my home. Griffith Review published this in a special edition devoted to the island.